Poetry at York

MA Poetry and Poetics is a 12-month MA program run at the University of York convened by Hugh Haughton. I wish I had been an MA student in time to do this course, and I would warmly recommend this course to anyone who wants an international, cross-period education in poetry and ideas about poetry. For more information about the course, and to see a video where Matthew Campbell gives a thoughtful and informative outline of the degree, see  the program webpage.

Poetry and Poetics is a reading group open to all students and staff with an interest in all things poetic. We examine a variety of texts, both poetic and critical, from a range of times and places and consider such recurrent questions as the function of poetic form, poetry’s relation to history and the role Eborakonof the individual poet. Meetings alternate between an open discussion of a selection of poems alongside a theoretical piece, and a staff-led presentation on a particular theme or issue within the study of poetry. For more information and copies of readings see the group’s webpage or contact Stephen Grace or Jack Quin (see Contacts).

Eborakon is a biannual magazine featuring poetry, critical essays and reviews. The name of the magazine derives from the Brythonic for York, meaning “place of the yews”. We value writing that is rooted, both in the resonances of language as it has been used over the course of history, and in the evocation of place. For more information, see the Eborakon website  or contact the editors via e-mail at eborakonjournal@gmail.com